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China Building New Outpost on U.S. Doorstep, Leaked Documents Reveal

( Newsweek) In a Caribbean island just 220 miles from the shore of the U.S. Virgin Islands, a black-clad Chinese security guard swept an arm at more than a thousand acres of woodland and a glittering, aqua-green marine reserve beyond. "It's like a small country," he said in Chinese. This natural paradise on the island of Antigua, where officials will

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Policeman’s Vitz stolen with bulletproof vest and official IDs inside; car recovered, but no details on contents

Policeman’s Vitz stolen with bulletproof vest and official IDs inside; carrecovered, but no details on contents The Police are investigating a spate of vehicle thefts, the majority targetingToyota Vitz cars – one of which was a policeman’s and contained a bulletproofvest and his official identification. Accounts say the officer, a Paynters resident, telephoned the CriminalInvestigations Department (CID) and reported that

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NHC chief urges caution as hurricane hunter visits

( Barbados Today) ...The top hurricane watcher in the United States has urged Barbadians and residents in the region to take the hurricane season seriously and brace themselves not just for severe winds during intense storms but also for flooding. Michael Brennan, Director of the National Hurricane Centre (NHC) in Miami, Florida, brought the message to journalists here during the

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Is Ecuador’s expulsion from the UN really the answer to the diplomatic crisis with Mexico?

By Sir Ronald Sanders The Mexican government has taken the significant step of asking the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to “suspend Ecuador as member of the United Nations” and also to “initiate the process of expulsion under article 6 of the United Nations Charter”. Mexico took this action in response to the forced entry by Ecuadorian police into its

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ICC T20 Cricket Trophy Lands in Antigua: Uniting Nations and Celebrating Talent

The ICC T20 World Cup Cricket Trophy has arrived in Antigua and

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Comrade Chaneil Imhoff Hired By ABS

Antigua Broadcasting Service (ABS), the government-owned and controlled media house in Antigua

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Jamaican Senator Damion Crawford to address UPP youth forum, while panel will speak to young people’s economic issues

( Real News Antigua) United Progressive Party (UPP) youth are being featured

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October-December start for $100M regional ferry service

A private sector consortium launched a regional ferry service dubbed Connect Caribe

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Study offers insight on how hot weather impairs the immune system

A study that looked at how the immune system reacts to hot

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Antigua Cruise Port Unveils New Terminal for Seamless Cruise Passenger Processing

Antigua Cruise Port is beginning construction on a new terminal at St.

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Antigua and Barbuda Set to Open Consulate in Bangladesh

Antigua and Barbuda is set to open a consulate in Bangladesh later

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