The general public is hereby reminded that the Giant African Snail problem is a national one of mammoth proportions.

What Can You Do:

  1. All home owners in infested areas must take responsibility for collecting and killing snails found on their property.
  2. Land owners must ensure that unoccupied lands do not become overgrown and provide refuge and breeding grounds for this invasive pest.
  3. Communities must work together for best effect
  4. Farmers should keep their farms free from excess bushes and debris that harbor the snails.
  5. To help prevent further spread, movement of top soil, ghaut sand, and other such material from infested areas MUST be with permission from Plant Protection.

For further information, kindly contact the Plant Protection Unit at 764-1255, 764-7378, 562-2776 or 462-6776/7 OR via email at


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