Young opens borders to 2 groups of Trinis

The latest batch of nationals who’ll be allowed to return to Trinidad and Tobago are groups in Guyana, Venezuela and Margarita – but everyone will have to make their own way home as Government won’t be sending repatriation flights.

And Government’s now being flooded almost “hourly with requests from nationals all over the world seeking exemption from border closure regulations, trying to get home.”

National Security Minister Stuart Young confirmed this at yesterday’s daily Ministry of Health COVID-19 update briefing.

Air and sea border closures are among measures Government’s taken to protect T&T against COVID-19 spread. Virus cases were imported into T&T in March and there have been 116 cases and eight deaths – but no new cases recently.

Young yesterday said there’s been success with measures to curb spread. He said Government has been allowing some nationals into T&T with Health Ministry experts’ advice, doing it in a way that the ministry can manage any possibility of COVID reinfection.

The group of 33 nationals who returned from Barbados recently tested negative and were released from quarantine on Tuesday. Also, 66 nationals and one permanent resident returned from Suriname on May 1.

But Young said yesterday that there are 330,000 T&T passports held by nationals outside the country and many are beginning to apply for border-closure exemptions to return here.

“We’re getting requests almost hourly – even up to (this morning) – from nationals in India, UK, US, Saudi Arabia. Every corner. But Government continues to protect T&T carefully and we’re managing return of nationals. Unfortunately, we cannot encourage repatriation of people scattered all over the world,” he said.

He said the next group being allowed entry are 23 workers based in Guyana.


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