WPA prefers Granger-Jagdeo agreement on cleaning voters’ list over CCJ-ordered claims and objections

The Working People’s Alliance (WPA)—a vocal partner in the governing coalition—on Sunday urged President David Granger and Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo to hammer out an agreement to clean up the voters’ list by either house-to-house registration or a claims and objections period.

WPA executive member, Professor David Hinds told Demerara Waves Online News that while he was not optimistic that A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) leadership would meet collectively to hammer out a common position on the judgements by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), his party wants Guyana’s two top political leaders to reach an agreement, but would frown on a court-imposed claims and objections period.

“We would prefer an agreement between the two leaders rather than order of the court so although we would have problems with claims and objections, ninety days, if the two leaders agree with that we will go ahead with that…When I, we would take a dim view, we would take a dim view if it is left to the court to make an order outside of the two leaders agreeing to that order,” Hinds said.

Granger has already invited Jagdeo to a meeting to discuss the political situation, only after the CCJ issues its consequential orders possibly on Monday at 2 pm.

Already, Jagdeo and Granger have openly differed on the timeframe for elections, with the Guyanese leader insisting on polls after house-to-house registration and the Opposition Leader demanding elections in August or September with the existing list after a claims and objections period.

The party stressed the “ball is once again in our leaders’ court” and it is yet another test of their political maturity, which has so often been absent from their deliberations. “WPA prefers a workable solution by the two sides rather than an order from the CCJ, which, in any case, seems reluctant to insert itself beyond its rulings,” the party said.

The WPA said any plan to clean up the voters list must be done swiftly. “In light of the stipulated constitutional timeline, WPA urges that this exercise be done in the shortest possible time. We do not believe that a few extra months offers the government side any unfair advantage nor do we think it amounts to the use of delaying tactics,” that party said. House-to-house registration has not started yet, although GECOM has trained its staff in elections preparations.