‘Why I sold ganja’ – Teen tells heartbreaking story

A TEENAGER yesterday told the court that he sold marijuana to support his ailing grandmother and his three younger siblings.

Odel Charles’s mother passed away, his father was not in his life, his grandmother has kidney problems and he takes care of his three siblings, the court was told.

San Fernando Senior Magistrate Jo-Anne Connor heard through police prosecutor Cleyon Seedan that it was at 9 p.m. that officers went to Church Street, Golconda. They saw Charles and others sitting on the roadway. Charles was fidgeting and staring away, and it led officers to search under a galvanize roofing sheet where they found the illegal substance.

He told the police: “Boss, I selling that to mind my family.”

The drugs weighed 20 grammes.

Defence attorney Frank Gittens said the teenager worked as a vendor and took care of his siblings, ages 14, 12, and six years old.

The attorney said: “He (Charles) takes care of his three siblings, his mother is deceased, his father is not in the picture and his grandmother is on dialysis.”

He also said this was the first time the teen was ever before the court and he was remorseful.

Connor fined him $1,200. Charles was given 28 days to pay or he will serve three months in prison.