THERE was no evidence that Chief Justice Ivor Archie knew Kern Romero and Dillian Johnson engaged in criminal activities and/or sanctioned such behaviour.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister’s denial of the existence of any WhatsApp communication or any other communication between himself and Chief Justice Ivor Archie on the allocation of Housing Development Corporation (HDC) houses proved to be the nail in the coffin in the consideration of impeachment proceedings against CJ Archie.

This, according to the opinion given to the Prime Minister by British QC Howard Stevens, dated April 25, 2019.

“If, however, there was a WhatsApp communication between the Chief Justice and the Prime Minister, my advice could differ,” Stevens stated.

“The alleged WhatsApp communication with the Prime Minister is important, in my view. If, as I understand it, there was no such message from the Chief Justice to the Prime Minister, the case against the Chief Justice is considerably weaker,” he added.


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