“We are at war today!”

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley put the country on a war-footing against COVID-19 as he delivered a message from his residence hours before the start of new measures to curb the spread of the virus that has already claimed three lives locally.

And according to the prime minister, everyone within our borders is a soldier in this fight against an “invisible enemy”.

He began his message, which lasted ten minutes and 37 seconds, with reference to Memorial Park, where the names of T&T nationals who fought in the both World Wars, are inscribed.

What they fought for, he said, is no different from what each citizen is being called upon to fight for today—the people of our nation.

“The difference between this war and those World Wars was that those who picked up arms to defend us, carried guns, fired bullets. The war that we’re fighting now is an invisible enemy, a micro-pathogen that you will not see with the naked eye but we know it’s there,” he said.

“This pathogen could strike us and it could take days before we know who is a casualty.”

He added: “In those days when the instruction was given, it was more than likely an instruction that says, ‘To the breaches, aim fire.’ Today the instructions are, ‘Take cover’, meaning, stay home. Do not congregate, isolate and quarantine yourselves,” Dr Rowley said.

He noted that those who fought in the previous wars were selected for their strength, height and weight.


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