Watch out, group tells funeral home storing Smith’s body

The Jamaica Association of Certified Embalmers and Funeral Directors wants the home that is storing deceased cult leader Kevin Smith’s body to watch out.

The move by the organisation comes after word began circulating days ago that loyal and unswerving followers of Smith were planning to find, and snatch his body.

“When it comes to the rumour about these so-called followers and disciples of this man, who want to identify the funeral home where his body is being stored to do whatever, I can only say that we don’t believe in what they believe in. And I will say that any member who is storing the remains of Kevin O Smith, ‘Just protect your property from physical harm,’ ” Calvin Lyn, president of the organisation told the Jamaica Observer in an interview days ago.

Lyn was adamant that Smith’s obsequious flock who played church at Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries would be disappointed by unsuccessful attempts if they try to retrieve his body using unorthodox practices that they may believe in.

“We don’t believe in voodooism, so anything that they want to try won’t affect us because we are protected by God Almighty who has been seeing us through rough times and smooth times. So, anything demonic won’t affect us. There is a saying: ‘Belief kills and belief cures.’ We don’t believe in demons, so if that is being planned by these insane people, it is not going to affect any one of us who is storing the remains of this cult leader,” he stated categorically.

Meanwhile, Valerie Neita-Robertson, the attorney-at-law representing Smith, had said that his family has not been told where his body is being kept.

On Monday, Smith, who was at the centre of controversy and public outrage for over a week, died in a motor vehicle crash while in transit from Montego Bay to Kingston to face charges connected to suspected ritual killings. The crash also claimed the life of police officer Constable Orlando Irons and left two other lawmen injured.


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