Vaccination status revealed for the 15 people to have died with Covid this month

According to reports received, one of the 15 people to have died this month after testing positive for covid-19, hadn’t been vaccinated against the virus. The remaining 14 are said to have been unvaccinated. September has already been the deadliest month for the coronavirus since it was first detected in the country in March last year.

On Sunday, a 45 year old man and a 63 year old man became the latest to die with the illness, they both along with several others of the 15 were said to have had underlying health conditions. This month’s devastating death rate equates to 1 every 33 hours. The youngest to lose their life this month after testing positive for the virus, was just 25 years old. Doctors have continued to appeal to the public to abide by the Covid safety rules to reduce further spread, they include wearing face masks, practicing social distancing, avoiding large gatherings and getting vaccinated.

The most recent statistics available released last Friday show around 37 thousand people in the country to have taken two doses of the Covid jab. There is said to have been a significant uptake in the last few days.

Now the country is preparing to welcome in dozens more cruise ships this year, as the sector continues to re bound. A total of 85 vessels are due to dock in St. Johns during the last quarter of 2021. They include the Oasis class ships; the largest in the world which will be using the recently completed 5th berth. The lucrative industry was on ice for 18 months after the pandemic broke out. The cruise sector  is said to provide  livelihoods  for more than 20 thousand people in Antigua and Barbuda.