UWI Five Islands Campus In Antigua To Teach High Tec Computer Skills

The Cabinet invited Dr. Curtis Charles of UWI Five Islands to address it on a new and innovative approach which the Five Islands Campus is instituting in order to prepare the youth of Antigua and Barbuda and the OECS to step ahead of their counterparts by focusing on data science. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), he told the Cabinet, will be used to solve many challenges faced by human civilization; how to apply big data to problem-solving will be the next innovation in computing.

The UWI Five Islands will be ahead of the curve, collaborating with Harvard University and other outstanding learning centers to teach this new discipline, that will mark the UWI Campus as innovative and very attractive to the next generation.

 Dr. Charles brings a very impressive resume to the task that has been set by the new principal of the UWI Five Islands Campus.