UWI crop find places at QEH

Space in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) is limited, but this year all the Barbadian students from the University of the West Indies (UWI) found placement there.

Internship coordinator at the QEH, Dr Clyde Cave, highlighted this yesterday after the most outstanding interns were honoured for their hard work and dedication.

“For the first time, all the Barbadians from UWI were placed. Normally, we have about six or eight Barbadians from UWI who do not get positions and are looking elsewhere, so this was an unusual year.

“If we look at Barbadians from other medical schools, I think there were four or five who weren’t able to place, and then there were 12 other applicants from other universities from non-Barbadians,” Cave said at the QEH boardroom where the ceremony was held.


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