Usain Bolt in Saint Lucia this week

Usain Bolt will be returning to one of his favourite places to vacation in the world: Saint Lucia.

However, the legendary Jamaican sprinter will take some of his ‘pleasure’ time to mingle with local sportsmen and women.

According to Sandals, in a media advisory on Monday, Bolt “will be hosting a number of Saint Lucia’s young sportsmen and women at a special function to be held at the Sandals Grande Saint Lucia Resort on Thursday, July 11th at 9 am”.

A Sandals spokesperson told St. Lucia News Online that though Sandals is not the one bringing Bolt to the island, he will be a guest at the resort.

“He’s here to participate in the Opium event and staying with Sandals so he’s accommodating our request to inspire our young athletes,” the spokesperson said.

In a 2017 interview with The Telegraph (UK) newspaper, Bolt was asked about his “favourite view” in the world and he chose the majestic Pitons in Saint Lucia.