US issues new security alert to citizens in Jamaica

The US State Department has issued a new security alert to its citizens as Jamaica prepares for its general election on September 3.

“You should remain vigilant while moving about the country as the election draws near,” the State Department advised.

“Political gatherings and rallies could lead to traffic disruptions (and) large gatherings and crowds can be unpredictable and present opportunities for criminals as well as the spread of COVID-19,” the advisory said.

“You should also be aware that the colours orange, green, and yellow are politically significant and may incite a reaction if worn in public,” said the advisory.

Americans were told to:

* Be aware of their surroundings;

* Avoid large gatherings and crowds;

* Exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings or protests;

* Monitor local media for updates; and

* Keep a low profile.


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