US army commander’s statements irresponsible, says Chinese Embassy

The Chinese Embassy in Jamaica yesterday described as irresponsible, statements made by the top United States military official in this region that China does not share a commitment to democracy and the rule of law that America shares with Jamaica.

“We express our strong dissatisfaction and opposition to the defamation against China’s cooperation with Jamaica and other Caribbean countries, which was reportedly launched at a press conference in Kingston on Wednesday by Admiral Craig Faller, commander of the United States Southern Command,” Xia Shaowu, the Chinese Embassy’s chief of political section, said in a statement issued last evening.

“China’s relations with Jamaica and other Latin American and Caribbean countries are based on equality, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, which have yielded and will continue to yield more and more tangible fruits benefiting people of both sides,” Xia said.

Faller had said that China has legitimate economic interest in countries around the world, including Jamaica, but based on its model of government, its role in other states could lead to a long-term loss of sovereignty, secrecy, and a lack of transparency in operations.

He further warned that the relationship with China could lead to non-adherence to international standards of the rule of law, breaches of labour rights, and a lack of protection of the environment.


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