UPP stands with Lovell, Quinn, Daniel and condemns continuing witch hunt by Browne Administration

Press Release

The Leadership, Executive and Membership of the United Progressive Party condemn this latest attempt by the Gaston Browne Administration to continue the persecution of Political Leader Harold Lovell and his former deputies, Dr. Jacqui Quinn and Willmoth Daniel.

The Prime Minister’s unwillingness to accept the verdict of two courts – that there is no case to answer – has become a personal vendetta that is aimed at fulfilling his infamous threat: to “use the resources of the State to bankrupt” those who stand or speak in opposition to him.

It is morally distasteful that Browne would continue to spend the taxpayers’ money in this crassly political exercise at a time when hundreds of tourism-sector workers are still at home; when the former LIAT employees are empty-handed, 20 months after termination; when the infrastructure at the hospital and the road network are in dire need of repair; and when pensioners have had to take to the streets to get what is their due.

It is also pitiful that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions – which is meant to be an independent agency – could have responded so slavishly to the Prime Minister’s un-subtle directive, and is now appealing the decision of the learned High Court Judge.  Surely, this brings into further question the impartiality of the justice system.

.We remind the Prime Minister and the Director of Public Prosecutions of the number of issues begging for investigation and possible prosecution, including Browne’s own disclosure of forgery and fraud at the Customs/Port, and the People’s need for action on same.

.Meanwhile, the United Progressive Party wishes to make it clear that it will not waver in its support of our sister and brothers, and will continue to resist all of PM Browne’s efforts to intimidate and silence us.


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