UPP Political Leader Congratulates BPM on Council Elections Victory

Harold Lovell, the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), congratulates the Barbuda People’s Movement on its sweeping victory at the polls on March 29, when it claimed all five vacant seats on the Barbuda Council.

“I extend hearty and sincere congratulations to my brother, MP Trevor Walker, and the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM),” Lovell says.

“The results of the Council Elections demonstrate resounding confidence in the BPM and an absolute rejection of Prime Minister Gaston Browne and the Antigua Labour Party.

“It is clear that the support previously enjoyed by his Administration has drastically diminished, as The People have become tired of his abusive, base and insensitive leadership.”

Lovell recalls the symbiotic relationship enjoyed by the BPM and his Party during the UPP Administration, in which MP Walker served as a Cabinet Minister. He says it was marked by “respect, understanding of Antigua and Barbuda’s differences, and appreciation for our greater similarities.”

Accordingly, given the success of their two-term collaboration and the parties’ mutual support since then, Lovell anticipates working with MP Walker again as equals and colleagues in a new UPP Administration.“On behalf of Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle, the Executive and Membership of the UPP, ‘Big up’ to the BPM, again,” says Lovell. “Barbuda today; Antigua tomorrow!”