UPP Announce Four More Candidates


On behalf of the United Progressive Party (UPP), the Political Leader, Harold Lovell, is pleased to name another four members of the slate expected to contest the upcoming General Elections.

Sean Bird – St. John’s Rural East

Johnathon Joseph – St. Mary’s North

Corthwright Marshall – St. Mary’s South

Pearl Quinn Williams – St. John’s Rural North

Their brief biographies are attached for your perusal and publication.

Sean Bird

SEAN BIRD, St. John’s Rural East

Born into the “First Family of Politics,” Sean Bird’s earlier leanings were toward the law, as can be determined by his tertiary education:

  • City Law School, Inns of Court, London, U.K. – LPC, 2009
  • University of Miami, Miami, FL – LLM, 2001
  • University of Buckingham, Buckingham, UK – LLB, 1999
  • University of Carleton, Ottawa, CA – BSc. – Political Science, 1992
  • Florida Supreme Court Mediation Training (certificate)
However, he is now utilizing his business skills as General Manager of Grenville Radio Ltd., the station founded by his father.  There, he has implemented a new standard of procedures and policies; restructured staff to boost morale and productivity; and increased service, accountability and profitability.

Sean has also conducted and produced two talk shows that discussed current affairs and social issues, and – utilizing professional panelists – provided solutions and advice to the public.

As part of the Concerned Christian Coalition, whose objective was to advocate for a healthy society, Sean worked as an organizer and advocate for a pro-family movement.  It ensured that women at risk were helped and their concerns were heard.  He also served as mediator for families with various social issues; promoted and brought to Antigua the 4th World Congress for the Family (2017); and advocated and  facilitated a feeding program.

In similar vein, his volunteer activities have focused on working with various non-profit organizations in food collection and distribution.  He has also contributed advertising and sponsorship, as well as produced and directed fundraising events.

“My service record demonstrates a desire to lead and positively impact,” Sean says, and this dovetails seamlessly with the United Party’s People First credo.

“There must be a passion about service because, in this current political climate where all types of hatred prevail, there has to be  recognition that the new leaders must become agents of change,” he adds.  Sean sees himself as one of those agents and the United Progressive Party as the vehicle for the change this country sorely needs.

He believes that “a diversity of viewpoints can combine wisdom and experience with creativity and ingenuity,” and this is what he finds most appealing about the UPP: the mixture of seasoned politicians with the freshness of new faces and novel ideas.  In other words, its grounded past with its visionary future in which he intends to play a part.


Senator Johnathan Joseph was born – and still lives – in the constituency he represented in the 2018 elections.

His native village has also been the cradle of his education, since he spent his early years at the Jennings Primary School and then graduated from the Jennings Secondary.

Shortly after, he was employed as a teacher by the Ministry of Education and remained in the profession from 1991-2004.

Ambitious and energetic, at the same time Joseph also worked at the Royal Antiguan Resort.  He began in the kitchen in 1991 and worked his way up to Evening Manager, holding that position until the property was sold in 2017.  He was also employed as the Campus Manager at the University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA).

Combining an appreciation for business with his interest in the welfare of workers,  Senator Joseph served as an executive member of the Trade Union Congress (TUC); the Tourism Authority Board; the Antigua and Barbuda Hotel Management Association (ABHMA); and the Antigua and Barbuda Bus Owners Association (ABBOA).

Known as the “Break Every Chain Man” since his electrifying entry into elective politics, Senator Joseph has made his name as an advocate for the elderly and as both a preacher and talk-show host on Progressive 107.3 FM/Crusader Radio.  And within the Party, he is recognized as the ultimate team-player.

Married, with one daughter, Joseph is a devout and committed Christian in the Seventh Day Adventist faith.   An Ordained Elder in his local congregation, he has also served the church in other leadership capacities and is very active in his community.

Senator Joseph possesses both youthful energy and maturity.  He has vision, experience and ability to lead in this 21st century.  As an effective community builder for over two decades, he is a passionate advocate of sustainable national development.  And as a member of management and various boards, he has worked tirelessly for transparency and accountability.He understands the problems facing Antigua and Barbuda, and knows that, as a country, we can do better.  Accordingly, he believes that with bold leadership and its clear action plan, the UPP is the best hope for delivering the Nation and rescuing its People.


Corthwright Marshall, a longstanding member and officer of the UPP, is on his second mission to capture the St. Mary’s South seat that he narrowly missed in 2018.

A consummate “South Man,” he brings to the constituency a people-focused and community-centric approach.  He is a strong believer in self-help and self-sufficiency, whether it is in agriculture or in sports, two areas in which he continues to demonstrate his interest and involvement.


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