UPP Adopts Caricom Position On Venezuela

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is supporting the position taken by CARICOM regarding the situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and is satisfied that only a peaceful solution will be a lasting solution.

The UPP is mindful of the friendly relations between the people of Venezuela and the people of Antigua and Barbuda as well as the financial, economic and technical assistance our country has received over the years.

CARICOM’s guiding principles are that of “non-interference and non-intervention in the affairs of states, respect for sovereignty, adherence to the rule of law and respect for constitutional order and democracy.”

Similarly, the UPP remains committed to the rule of law, and strongly believes that it is the right of the citizens of Venezuela to determine their destiny.  The Party calls on all nations to respect the sovereignty of Venezuela and the independence of its people.

Additionally, the UPP calls for an end to all acts aggression, covert and overt, against the peaceful and freedom- loving people of Venezuela who are determined to control their destiny.

The UPP is confident that the people of Venezuela can settle their disputes and hopes for a peaceful settlement of the current situation there.