UPDATED Visitor & Patient Care Partner Guidelines

The health and safety of our patients, families and staff members is our top priority. Therefore, as much as possible, our visitation guidelines balance preventing the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 with the needs of our patients and their loved ones. Visitors must be 18yrs. or older, except for those under 18yrs. who are parents of patients. Guidelines may vary slightly depending on care needs and where the patient is located.  

We continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in our community and may update the guidelines as needed to provide safe care to everyone.  

ONLY ONE VISITOR AT A TIME, per patient is welcomed. Please note; this could change, depending on the area of the hospital and patient circumstances.  

  • Visitors will be screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms through temperature /sanitizer stations located at every entrance and exit, and they will not be able to stay if they:  
    • Feel sick  
    • Have symptoms of COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms  
    • Tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 within the last three weeks  
    • Have been advised to get a COVID-19 test but have not yet obtained one  
    • Are waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test  
    • Have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last two weeks  
    • Have been asked to be on home quarantine or isolation  
  • Face masks are required and expected to be worn at all times. Neck gaiters, bandanas, masks with exhalation valves, or clear shield-like face masks are not permitted to be worn as face coverings at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC)  

In addition, all visitors must follow these safety precautions:  

  • Visitation for adult patients at our Medical & Surgical Unitsis from 4pm to 6pm  
  • ALL visitors must access the hospital through the main entrance  
  • Parents/Guardians of pediatric patients may visit from 10:30am to 9pm. Also, one parent/guardian can room in overnight    
  • Maternity patients are allowed one birth coach during active labor and visitors from 11am to noon. Also, ONLY parents are allowed to visit babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) during that same time (11am to noon)  
  • Patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are allowed visitors from 11am to noon  
  • Practice physical distancing (including to the extent possible in the patient’s room).  
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer often, including upon entering the hospital and at each entry and exit from the patient’s room.  
  • Remain in the patient’s room except to use the restroom, get something to eat or drink outside of the patient’s room, if they are directed to do so by the care team, or to exit for the day.  
  • To prevent overcrowding in waiting areas, multiple visitors within the same group must remain outside the hospital or in a vehicle. Visitors may not congregate in the lobby, cafeteria or other community areas  
  • Overnight stays for one care partner are permitted for adult patients in a private room if either the patient or the care partner is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. THIS POLICY COULD CHANGE (without notice) depending on overall hospital risk level. Individuals are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the second shot of a two-dose vaccine or two weeks after a one-dose vaccine  

Care partners and visitors must follow all safety precautions, even if vaccinated against COVID-19.  

Important Details  

  • Visitation risk levels will be evaluated weekly, and any changes communicated at Reception and online via the hospital’s social media pages.  
  • If conditions worsen, we will initiate and communicate further restrictions, as needed.  

About Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC)—formerly Mount St. John’s Medical Centre  

Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre is a teaching hospital with the primary mission of offering high quality, acute health care and preventive medical care to all people who live in, work in or visit Antigua & Barbuda. In 2009 the hospital opened its doors featuring one of the most comprehensive diagnostic imaging centers in the Eastern Caribbean.   

SLBMC is committed to excellence in patient care with many specialties in medicine and surgery. Our services include: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Ear, Nose & Throat, Nephrology/Transplant, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Urology, Pain Management, Oncology, Diabetes Management, Rehabilitation, Emergency & Trauma, Clinical Laboratory & Pathology and Pharmacy.  

For media inquiries please contact:  

Salma Crump  

Head of Marketing & Communications  

Sir Lester Bird Mount St. John’s Medical Centreformerly Mount St. John’s Medical Centre  

t: (268) 484-2711  

e: salma.crump@msjmc.gov.ag  


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