Upcoming general elections won’t be “cake-walk” – Harmon tells PNCR General Council

General Secretary of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Joseph Harmon says the upcoming general elections would not be easy, even as his party leader expressed confidence in regaining power.

“Mr. Harmon warned that these elections were not going to be a “cake-walk” and urged members to continue mobilizing and organising at the group, district and regional level to ensure victory”, the PNCR said in a statement after Saturday’s General Council, that party’s second highest decision-making body.

In the same statement, David Granger, leader of the Peoples’ National Congress Reform (PNCR), the largest APNU member, said he was confident the coalition would be returned to power.

“We are strong, the PNC is strong and the Coalition (APNU+AFC) will win the elections!” Granger was quoted as saying in a PNCR statement.

There is speculation that General Elections will be held this year depending on a decision by the Caribbean Court of Justice on the validity of the December 21, 2018 opposition-sponsored no-confidence motion.

PNCR General Secretary Amna Ally warned members that the year ahead was going to be extremely active as the Party prepares for the General and Regional Elections. The General Secretary assured the Council that the Party was ready for elections at any time.

Granger assured that his party has always been and is still a multi-racial party. He said that racialization had damaged the political fabric of the country. “The programme of the PNC is a programme for all Guyanese wherever they are. Race must not be used as an electoral factor,” the PNCR Leader said.

In the recent Cabinet shakeup to replace the dual citizenship ministers, Dawn Hastings is now Minister of State and Mervyn Williams, a PNCR loyalist, is back as a parliamentarian. Hemraj Rajkumar replaced Dominic Gaskin, as Minister of Business.