Unvaccinated Mothers Collecting Child Support from the Court Turned Away

A young mother is calling on the government to exempt the magistrate court child support system from its vaccine policy. The woman whose first name is Peters, has reported that unvaccinated mothers were turned away this week when they went to collect their child support money from the court. The woman said another system should be put in place to accommodate women in the system who are not vaccinated.

“That is just ridiculous, because I’m saying your vaccination status depends on whether your child eats, yes or no. This is unfair, a lot of people out here cannot be vaccinated. Me for one, I cannot be vaccinated because I have a history of bleeding, I have fibroids, I cannot go and take this vaccine. So what are you trying to tell me? So because I cannot get vaccinated, my child not supposed to eat? “

“When covid just came in, we used to stay outside the window and collect our checks”

Peters says that women who cannot do better may be forced to do unsavory things to get money.

“I’m unemployed, I’m on disability, and I get $370 a month for disability.  When I depend holy and solely on that maintenance for my child, what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? What they want me to do, go Pope Stead Street now? That’s what they going to force me to do. So me go have to start sell body now? “

The woman said some frustrated mothers could also result in self harm.