Union wants a Treaty to Deal with Harassment and Violence on the Job

A local union is calling on the government to implement a new treaty to safeguard employers and employees against violence and harassment in the work place. The Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union is adding its voice to the cause, joining with the Women against Rape Group which has called for the ratification and implementation of the treaty.

The ILO convention number 190 or C190 for short, is the first international treaty that speaks to the rights of everyone to a work place free from violence and harassment, including gender based violence and harassment.

The convention was adopted in June 2019 by the international labor conference of the international labor organization and came into force in June. Governments that ratify C190 will be required to put in place the necessary laws and policy measures to prevent and address the scourge of violence and harassment at work.

Industrial relations and training officer with the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union Hazel Luke, has explained the importance of having such a frame work in place in the country as she reveals that the union itself has dealt with such matters in the past.

According to reports, since the convention applies to all sectors both formal and informal in both public and private sectors, it is crucial that all these parties  ensure that the convention is ratified. Already government has made some headway in this field with the establishment of a Sexual offences court.


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