Undocumented Dominicans in US allegedly involved in sourcing voters for DLP being reported to US immigration authorities

Dominicans living in the US who are allegedly involved in sourcing people to come and vote for the DLP in the upcoming general election, should be mindful of their status in that country before engaging in such activity.

Trevor ‘Tossy” Johnson, a Dominican who lives in Trinidad, said during an interview on the QFM show ‘Talk on the Block’ with Matt Peltier, that he believes that there are Dominicans who are in the US illegally and are participating in that activity.

“I have made 52 reports to ICE (the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement),” he revealed. “I have had a list of people who are engaged, there are operatives of the Dominica Labour Party who are there illegally and are assisting the Dominica Labour Party in putting [together] a list of names to come to Dominica for the upcoming general election.”

According to Johnson, the telephone numbers and addresses of these people were also presented to ICE.

He said many people are upset; they are unhappy about that and want the election to be run fairly.

“If the Dominica Labour Party wins the election freely, that is my government and I will have to respect my government,” he stated.

However, Johnson said he believes that if the DLP is doing this illegally, “I’m going to do what I am doing and I am going to continue.”

 “The people on the list who have been reported, they know what they are doing, because there is one, in particular, I called her…and as soon as she recognized my voice, she hung up,” he remarked.

He stated that if one is doing things illegally they have to face the consequences.


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