Uncertainty over school term

There is no “precise start date for the new term” says acting Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw, despite extensive discussions with the stakeholders last week.

However, the Ministry of Education is moving ahead with training in the e-learning suite and some teachers are already using the online resources.

Bradshaw, who is also Minister of Education, was providing the latest in a series of updates to Barbadians on the COVID-19 situation in a national address from Ilaro Court on Monday.

She said they hoped to have the technology rolled out in all schools once the circumstances permit, but in the meantime, those teachers who are already using the online resources should be reinforcing subjects taught in Terms 1 and 2, not introducing new concepts.

Bradshaw said 80 per cent of teachers have already been trained, and while some are testing the system, it will give the Ministry of Education time to train the others.

“We recognise that not every child or household has access to the necessary equipment, internet connectivity or even electricity, but we are working with the various service providers and our overseas suppliers to address this in the shortest possible time,” Bradshaw said.

Later in the question and answer segment with the media, she said a review would be undertaken on May 4 when this curfew period is scheduled to end. Bradshaw said the situation remains fluid with the Common Entrance Examination, which is under their control, as well as those of the Caribbean Examinations Council exams, which are not.

The key issue, she added, is that no child preparing for examinations should be placed at a disadvantage.


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