Uncertainty over breathalyser

MICHAEL CLARKE (left) of DC Office Supplies, and Troy Wickham, deputy manager of NCSA, presenting the laptop to acting principal Mitchel Maxwell. (KB)

There is still a cloud of uncertainty regarding the proposed breathalyser testing come January 1.

While the move is receiving support from multiple sectors, those outside of Government say they know little on how it is going to be implemented.

Troy Wickham, deputy manager of the National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA), said they were not privy to any details concerning the roll-out but had conducted extensive research.

“We played an important role during the initial phase of setting up breathalyser testing in Barbados. We did research on how they should be used, what was the legal limit of alcohol for a driver, statistics on youth drinking alcohol and the impact of alcohol on Barbadian life,” he told the Weekend Nation.