Professor Stafford Griffith

Pro Vice Chancellor and Interim Principal of the UWI Five Islands Campus in Antigua and Barbuda, Professor Stafford Griffith, has disclosed that student admission to the facility will be done in two phases in this first year of operation.

He made the disclosure in a brief address after being introduced by Vice-Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles at the opening ceremony of the campus on Tuesday in the facility’s main auditorium.

Classes began at the Five Islands Campus on Monday but during his address at the opening ceremony, Professor Griffith said that several people have been enquiring about admission requirements for this semester and he is advising that registration would be done in two phases with the first phase open to students, who are starting their programmes in the first semester.

The UWI Five Islands Campus

He said that some students have already started classes and those, who have not yet started will begin during the course of the week.

He added that the second phase of registration will take place in January 2020. According to him, this phase would be extensively advertised. “For this second phase, we hope to recruit students not only from Antigua and Barbuda but (also) from other OECS countries.”

The interim-principal said that the first semester will utilize full time and part-time faculty, largely from specialists, who are resident in Antigua and Barbuda. This will be supplemented with specialists drawn from other campuses of the University of the West Indies.

Advantage will also be taken of the eagerness expressed by a number of faculties from other campuses to go to the Five Islands Campus to provide training in their areas of specialization. “So, there will be a mixture of expertise drawn from various places.”

He pointed out that the standard expected for a course of study at the Five Islands Campus “is the same as that of other campuses of the university. The matriculation requirements … are the same. The courses of study are of the same quality. The examinations (will) reflect a common standard and the grades awarded reflect the same level of accomplishment. Five Islands is a full campus of the University of the West Indies – subject to the same regulations as the other campuses of this university.”

He said a core mission of UWI is to undertake research that is relevant to the socio economic and political development needs of the countries in the region and to create students to engage in this research.

In this regard, “the Five Islands Campus as part of the reputable University of the West indies will be engaging in research that is socially and developmentally relevant to the people of Antigua and Barbuda and the rest of the region in a range of disciplines beginning, of course, with those covered by the three schools with which the campus has already started.”

Noting that the Five Islands Campus comprises the schools of Humanities and Education; Health and Behavioral Sciences; and Management, Sciences and Technology, the interim principal said research in those areas are expected to be conducted at the Five Islands Campus “right from the outset”.


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