T&T’s traffic nightmare

If you want to understand the magnitude of Trinidad and Tobago’s traffic nightmare, consider this.

If there was ever a catastrophic event where every single building was destroyed on the islands, every single person would be able to get into a vehicle.

This is because more than 1,000,000 vehicles are on the roads.

And for anyone caught in the mind-numbing traffic gridlock on highways and secondary roads, it sometimes feels like all one million vehicles are stuck in the front, side and back of you.

According to reports retrieved from a resident, only someone living in south Trinidad heading to north to earn a living or conduct business would understand the struggles of being held hostage to horrific daily traffic.

Many would leave their homes and families in the dark if they are to arrive on time to their destination. On any given day, an individual travelling from south spends over five to six hours travelling to and from Port of Spain to their homes.