Tribute to Sir Alister McIntyre From Sir Shridath Ramphal

“A precious light has gone out in our Caribbean world, with Alister McIntyre’s passing. He had devoted his life to Caribbean unity and was already, as he went, worrying over the darkening of the regional scene that threatens. The Region’s debt to Alister is payable only in a new enlightenment that makes Caribbean oneness the reality for which he lived”.  

Sir Shridath is a former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth; former Chancellor of the University of the West Indies; former Chairman of the West Indian Commission; former Heads of the Caribbean Regional Negotiation Machinery.

Sir Alister McIntyre worked with Sir Shridath on the West Indian Commission, the Regional Negotiating Machinery, and was Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies in much of the period of Sir Shridath’s Chancellorship.   They were very close friends for over 5 decades.