TRAGIC END FOR COMEDY KING Murder of Raymond Choo Kong…

Citizens reeled in shock yesterday when news broke that veteran actor and director Raymond Choo Kong had been murdered.

The thespian was found stabbed to death at his Green Street, Arima, home yesterday.

The house is located to the rear of the Arima Police Station.

Police said Choo Kong was stabbed multiple times and suspect robbery as the motive.

Choo Kong, 69, was discovered by his adoptive son Antonio covered in blood and slumped over in a chair, positioned in front of the television in the living room of the house. The second of his two adopted children, Ganesh Ramlal, told the Express yesterday he phoned the police to report the crime after being alerted to his brother’s discovery.

“He normally sit down on the couch right there watching TV. The TV on and he sit down on the couch normal. There was blood and thing,” a visibly upset Ramlal said during a brief conversation with the Express, after exiting the house around 1 p.m.


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