Tourism Association On Track To Train 3000 Tourism Sector Employees Ahead Of The Winter Season

Antigua Barbuda Hotels & Tourism Association (ABHTA) is pleased to announce that by the end of October 2020 over 3000 tourism sector employees will have successfully completed the ABHTA Health and Safety Training Programme. The training seminar is required for staff members prior to returning to work as ABHTA membership continues their push to fully reopen for the 2020/2021 Winter Season.Dr. Adelle Blair, Chairperson of the Training and Education Team, is overseeing the Health and Safety Programme as set forth by the ABHTA “Enhanced Operational Guidelines in A Post Covid-19 Environment.” Mrs. Andrea Marshall, an Environmental Health and Safety Consultant, contracted by both the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment and the Ministry of Tourism and Investment, is conducting the sessions for staff members.Hotel staff as well as taxi drivers, airport dispatchers, excursion employees and retailers have attended training sessions at the Multipurpose Exhibition & Cultural Centre. Mrs. Marshall has also conducted training on property for resorts with high staff counts having just completed the course for the St. James’ Club and Carlisle Bay.

Employees received an in-depth look at the “new normal” including a detailed breakdown of the current state of the travel industry and the outlook ahead. There is a discussion of the science behind the spread and control of infectious diseases to provide a better understanding of the necessity of best practices for hygiene and sanitation, proper use of Personal Protective Equipment, and the utmost importance of reporting observed violations or operational gaps.

In addition to familiarizing workers with the overall operational protocols now required, employees also receive in-depth and hands-on training in their respective departments to ensure the successful implementation of their specific guidelines. A full understanding of the requirements will also allow team members to successfully communicate to guests the necessity of policies including temperature checks, mask wearing protocols and observance of social distancing.


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