Top Tourism Offical Calls For a Tourism Plan

Antigua  and Barbuda’s vital Tourism sector is in  need of plan that will see continuity.

This call is coming from the Chairman of the Antigua Hotels and Tourism Association Alex Debrito.

Mr Debrito indicated that for the sector to bounce back,proper

management  will be of vital importance.

He has also called for a level of continuity with regards to stakeholders involved in the sector.

“we need to have a plan for the next five to ten years  that leads to continuity,” debrito said.

He observed that reacting when there is a crisis in the industry is good, but not good enough for such a vital  segement of the economy.

The Chairman of the local Hotel association, has expressed the view that more young people should be introduced to the sector by way of education

Mr Debrito  added this  will ensure that the country has  an educated cadre of workers, to take up senior positions in the industry.