Top Sunwing Official Meet with Government On The Future of Halycon Hotel

The Vice President of Sunwing Vacations Company held discussions with Cabinet concerning the terms under which the lawsuit—to bring an amicable end to the ninety-nine year lease held by Rex Halcyon on the government-owned Halcyon Hotel—could be discontinued. The inducement to withdraw the lawsuit would be an agreement for Sunwing, a new partner of the Rex Halcyon firm, to pay the government an advance on the annual lease-fee on the hotel property; and, for Sunwing to include the private properties, which Antiguans will be encouraged to build on the contiguous land at Halcyon, as a part of the refurbished hotel. (The Cabinet will first sell to nationals of Antigua and Barbuda the currently-unoccupied hillside acreage, as an investment vehicle, that will bring more nationals into the successful high-end hotel industry). The parties agreed to the terms orally, and the documentation will be prepared for signature shortly. The Sunwing Group will spend many millions of dollars in refurbishing and re-designing the Halcyon Hotel. The sixty-year-old property is among the first group of hotels built after the August 1952 Hotels Aid Ordinance was adopted into law, in order to encourage the new industry called tourism.


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