Three Local Entities Sign MOU On the Caricom Labour Market Information System

The Antigua and Barbuda Social Security Board, the Statistics Division and the Labour Department on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on their collaboration on the CARICOM Labour Market Information System (LMIS).

The agreement will guide the agencies in fulfilling the critical role which each is required to play in supplying the necessary administrative data and survey results to inform policymakers and the general public in a timely and consistent manner. The LMIS is being rolled out across CARICOM member states with similar collaborations between the Statistics, Labour and National Insurance authorities.

The Regional LMIS will be comprised of national illustrations of the LMIS in each participating Member State.  The information obtained from each country will also be compiled together and made available at the regional level.  Members of the general public will be able to access not only information relating to Antigua and Barbuda, but also to that of participating CARICOM member states on the CARICOM Stat. website.

The available information includes the size or character of the Labour Market in Antigua and Barbuda, the functioning of the institutions or parts thereof along with the opportunities available for those who supply and demand Labour.  Those expected to benefit from the information produced include Governments, public sector entities, potential investors, employers, trade unions, employers, job seekers, students among others.  Accurate Labour Market Information can lead to informed decision making.

Labour Commissioner Eltonia Anthony-Rojas has explained that the project will be one that brings great benefits to the twin island state and the region.  She noted that for the first time, the country will have compiled stored data that will be accessible to students, investors, government, trade unions and other stakeholders.

Rojas added that the information obtained will give a true picture of Labour Market Trends.  She continued that it creates a one stop shop, where Labour Market information will be accessible not just for Antigua and Barbuda but other countries around the region.

The MOU was signed for three (3) years in first instance and will be reviewed periodically to ensure efficiency.  The local Data Manager will be Tracelyn Joseph from Statistics Division.