Three Active Cases of Covid-19 in Antigua and Barbuda

The Minister of Health was called upon to provide the Cabinet with an update on the status of Covid-19 in Antigua and Barbuda. He noted that there are now three active cases of Covid-19 being treated by health officials. Contact tracing and tracking have been intensified in order to halt any community spread of the virus. The Minister again reiterated that there is a need by the population to be continuously vigilant, and discourages the clustering and partying that have been taking place by groups whose private get-togethers are without masks and in full disregard of the social-distancing rules. The reckless behavior of a growing number of people is the result of a false belief in their invincibility, and in the false sense of safety from the disease. The Cabinet continues to implore the people and residents of Antigua and Barbuda to abide by the rules requiring the wearing of masks, the practicing of social distancing, and the frequent sanitizing of hands.   The Cabinet took note of the decision by foreign governments to impose a late-night curfew in order to reduce the nightlife partying which can be a major source of the spread.In Antigua and Barbuda’s case, returning nationals who proceed to self-quarantine upon arrival, have frequently disobeyed the conditions under which they were allowed to re-enter their homeland. The quarantine or isolation period is 14 days, following entry with a Covid-19 negative certificate; those who are asymptomatic may take a second Covid-19 PCR test within seven days and could be released if the second test is also negative. All are required to avoid contact with others in the household or in the quarantine facility utilized by the government. The Hawksbill Hotel which is currently being used, is likely to be surrendered by the request of the owners, and a new site is being contemplated. It costs US$130.00 daily to house each quarantined returning national at the hotel.  


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