Theatre operators 100% compliant with reopening rules

Minister of Local Government and Community Development Desmond McKenzie says there has been 100 per cent compliance by theatre operators to the Governments reopening rules, and a significant improvement in compliance by beach and river goers.

Cinemas, playhouses and theatres were conditionally reopened for a period of 14 days effective Sunday, July 5, while beaches and rivers were reopened June 7.

“Mr Speaker, this administration is gradually reopening the economy, while maintaining critical public health standards to minimise the spread of COVID-19,”McKenzie told the House of Representatives this afternoon.

“However, the best efforts of the Government must be complemented by high and increasing levels of personal responsibility from our citizens and visitors.”

He added that defiance of health protocols has real and unwelcome consequences, and, “some jurisdictions are re-imposing restrictions, because of escalating rates of infection caused by reckless behaviour.”

As such, he said that while the Government is listening and is responding to the calls for economic and social restrictions to be modified as Jamaica fights COVID-19, “it is time for many more of our people to listen, and to respond to the Government’s call to obey all health protocols.

“Protect your health, your life, and the lives of your family and friends by observing all the rules,” he said.


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