The Tourism Minister is Optimistic about Potential Investment that may arise from Expo 2020 in Dubai

Tourism Minister, Charles Max Fernandez is pleased with the interest that has been shown in the country by investors in the United Arab Emirates. The minister is part of a larger Antigua contingent that is in Dubai participating in Expo 2020 involving more than 100 countries worldwide.

“So far we have had a lot of interest in terms of investment opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda, and that’s the great thing about being here. A lot of people especially on this side of the world might have seen an ad or two but have never had the opportunity to interact directly with our people.

“This affords us the opportunity to have people like yourselves and so on, on the ground here so that people that come to the booth and say yes I’ve heard about Antigua and Barbuda but I have some questions. So we’re able here to show them our culture, our cuisine and explain to them about the historic value we have in Antigua. Antigua is one of three UNESCO sites in the Caribbean, so there is a lot to offer.”

The Antigua delegation is using the opportunity to market the twin island state both as a premiere vacation destination and a business hub.


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