The New Chairman Of the OECS Calls For More Dialogue Among Member States

Antigua and Barbuda will be encouraging greater participation by all member states that make up the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean Sates.

Speaking at the OECS Assembly this morning in the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda, the Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister who is now the Chairman of the OECS, reiterated his country’s commitment to the sub-regional organization.

He said that he is aware, that there are many individuals who take the institutions of the OECS for granted.

“ for us, we must rethink our strategies in the OECS, for us not just to be mere custodians of our national assets, but for us to look at our economic philosophy, to do things differently, to be more innovative and more entrepreneurial,” mr browne said.

The  Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister said that at the end of the  day, the OECS is a global space facing many challenges.

HE said the sub-region is not only facing the issue of climate change and frequent storms,but many issues such as derisking and even within the sub-region, the issue of transportation to make sure people and goods move effectively.

To this end, the Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister called for more dialogue among the countries of the OECS.

Mr  Browne added that the OECS Parliament  should  meet on a more regular basis, to discuss the issues facing the sub-region.