The Local Diabetes Association Host Month Long Exhibition

The public is being invited to take the time out to view an exhibition that provides useful information on insulin and the monitoring of urine and blood glucose levels at the National Public Library. The Antigua & Barbuda Diabetes Association launched the month long exhibition yesterday as part of the week of activities marking World Diabetes Day on November 14th.

The day is also the birth date of Frederick Banting, the man credited for the discovery of insulin 100 years ago. President of the association Wanitta James, recently highlighted the significance of the exhibition.                  

“Every year there is a theme, and there will be a theme for 2021 up to 2023. The theme is Access to Diabetes Care if not Now When. There are five focus areas for diabetes care and access to care; access to insulin, access to medication, access to education and psychological support, access to self-monitoring and access to healthy food and safe and available spaces for physical activity.

“In the Diabetes Association, we decided to launch this exhibition because it is also the start of a big celebration of the centenarian of the discovery of insulin.” James added.


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