The Litter Act takes effect From This Thursday

The Government is going on a campaign from this Thursday to keep the

country clean.

This has been stated by the country’s Minister of Health, Molwyn Joseph  who says the Litter Act takes  effect from this Thursday.

According to the Health Minister,over the next couple of weeks an education campaign  will be undertaken  to educate the public about the Litter Act.

“if you are driving a vehicle and you throw something out of the window and evidence can be gathered that ties that act directly to your conduct, then the fine can be as high as three thousand dollars,” the minister said.

The Antigua Health Minister also disclosed that if the driver of a five ton truck is caught in the act of illegally dumping, the fine can be as high as three to five thousand dollars.

‘’If you are a corporate entity, the fine can be high as fifteen thousand dollars,”the minister indicated.

The Health Minister said the act also have provisions for compensating the public .

“there is a feature in the law, in that if you observe someone in the act of illegally dumping and you take a picture of the vehicle’s registration number which becomes part of the evidence,you will be awarded 25 % percent of the fine that the individual is charged,” joseph added.