The Head of the ABUT Calls For the Urgent Intervention of Government To tackle Marijuana Use By School Children

Close up of marijuana - herbal cannabis

The President of the Antigua and Barbuda Union Of Teachers (ABUT ) Ashworth Azille has warned that the Government will be creating a massive social problem, if the situation regarding   the use of marijuana  by school children is not addressed urgently.

The Head of the Teachers Union indicated that the Government moved much too quickly to  decriminalize small amounts of marijuana,  without considering the negative effects it can have on the education system.

“so many of our students are now eager to have a little thing in their mouth, and they will say that the  world boss has passed the law, but it’s frightening because more and more, we are seeing children who are coming to school and are not able to function unless they take a draw,” azille said.

Mr Azille also pointed out that teachers are seeing children bringing large amounts of the substance on to school compounds.

“ so our teachers and principals are now police officers conducting searches  to stop this development”the head of the teachers union observed.

Meanwhile the country’s Legal Affairs Minister, Steadroy Cutie Benjamin is calling  for  Mr Azille to produce the evidence.

Mr Benjamin speaking on radio  said that he was surprised by the statements coming from the head of the Antigua and Barbuda Union Of Teachers (ABUT).

The Legal Affiars Minister added that he wants to know what methodologies was used by  Mr Azille, for him to come to such  a conclusion.