The Government to Bring Before Parliament Again the Telecommunications Bill 2019

Three lawyers representing the Government of Antigua and Barbuda were invited to advise on the most appropriate defence which ought to be adopted in a case brought against certain ministers by Digicel and by Flow. According to the recent cabinet notes,the two telecommunications firms are seeking to estop the Cabinet from dividing the 850 megahertz spectrum among Digicel, Flow and APUA/INET equally. The Cabinet accepted the proposed defence put forward by the legal team, although there is certainty that this matter will continue to be heard over several years, by several levels of the courts, before a final decision is rendered.The Cabinet further decided to bring before the Parliament at its next sitting The Telecommunications Bill 2019. The bill has been in draft form for several years; it had its first reading before, and has been through multiple consultations with stakeholders. The next sitting of Parliament will take place on June 20, 2019, when that Telecommunications Bill will have its second and third readings