The Government Looks to Cuba and Other Islands to Deal with the Shortage of Nurses

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has agreed that the ongoing pandemic is putting a strain on the country’s already limited health care resources. In a GBN TV interview, Browne said that his government has had to look to countries like Cuba for assistance which has problems of its own.

“Our health care workers are strained, they have had to treat covid patients for the last 19months and one of the problems that we have within the OECS sub region is that we do not have a lot of health care personnel. In fact generally speaking, our healthcare services and personnel have been actually supplemented with Cuban nurses. But even Cuba itself is stretched in terms of providing nurses to the region, so you’ll find that is a problem.”

The Infectious Disease Control Center was designed to host any spill over from covid-19 patients from the hospital. However, Browne said that there is not enough medical personnel to run the facility at full capacity.  Additionally, poly clinics across the island are also feeling the effects of insufficient nurses available to tend to patients.   

The Prime Minister hopes that nurses in the diaspora as well as nurses from other countries can assist the country’s’ health care system.


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