The Government is Maintaining That leases Issued By the Barbuda Council are Invalid

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda is maintaing that no leases for land on Barbuda are valid unless the proposed leases have been examined by the Cabinet and approved, and dispatched to the Governor General for signature.

According to the government,that has been, and continues to be, the law.

The recently released cabinet notes said that leases of beachfront property on Barbuda, for example, purportedly undertaken by the Barbuda Council only, are of no legal consequence and are void.

To this end,the cabinet is warning all those who believe that they have valid leases from the Barbuda Council, that their leases are not valid. Meanwhile the cabinet has announced that it intends to ensure that an addendum to the Land Registry, maintained by the High Court, includes the sale and lease of land in Barbuda.

The cabinet said this will allow anyone who wishes to enquire into the ownership of land anywhere in the state—for a fee—will have access to the land registry by a computer search . The cabinet reiterated that All land that is not privately owned in the state, is Crown property.

The Cabinet notes added that the 2002 Court of Appeals ruling has made clear that all lands in Barbuda are the Crown’s.