The Government has rolled back the Decision to permit Fetes during the Christmas Season

Fete promoters will no longer be allowed to host any planned events during the festive season. Health Minister Molwyn Joseph says there will be no fetes during the festive season amidst the threat from the highly-transmissible Omicron variant of COVID-19. Sir Molwyn made the announcement during an exclusive interview with ABS Television Monday evening.

The Minister says the risk profile would be significantly elevated from having an event with 300 patrons with the removal of the state of emergency and curfew as of Friday of this week. The Minister says the situation continues to be reviewed, but fetes are being put on hold “for the time being.”

Just last week the Cabinet revealed that events could be held for the Christmas Season with a maximum of 300 individuals in attendance. Patrons were also required to take a Covid test on the same day of the scheduled event. A similar limitation was placed on bars and restaurants, which would be limited to 150 people between the periods December 24th 2021 to January 7th 2022.

 He says the cabinet continues to monitor the emerging situation regarding the Omicron variant, the fifth variant of concern which spreads over five times faster than the Delta variant. Sir Molwyn believes “it is fair to assume” the Omicron variant is already in Antigua and Barbuda and emphasizes the importance of citizens and residents exercising personal responsibility in the fight against the viral infection.


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