The General Post Office remains closed to the public following meeting concerning unsuitable working conditions

The General Post Office (GPO) remains closed to the public following a meeting with the staff and union representatives concerning unsuitable working conditions.

On Tuesday (Nov. 24) representatives from the ABPSA and the AT&LU met with the workers at the Post Office to get a firsthand look at the concerns of the employees.

It was revealed that, as a result of the recent heavy rains, the building has experienced some internal flooding, which has since worsened the work environment. Additionally, due to water seepage through the walls and ceiling, it has created a stench in the building especially during the opening hours.

The Ministry of Finance, with the assistance of the Ministry of Works, commits to cooperating with the respective Unions to speedily rectify this matter.

In the meantime, the General Post Office remains closed to the Public while conditions in the building are addressed.  This closure is also likely to affect the flow of mails to the sub-stations since the dispatching of mails has been halted. While updates will be provided periodically, an appeal is made for the forbearance of the Public.


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