The Country’s Attorney General Says The Fourth Landed Campus is a Go

The Attorney General—who is Acting Prime Minister until P.M. Browne returns on Sunday, June9th, has informed the Cabinet of the end-result of the recent U.W.I. Technical Meeting, attended by Minister of Education and himself. The meeting was held on May 31 to ratify the decision to place the Fourth Landed UWI Campus at Five Islands, Antigua. According to the Cabinet,for a second time, there was some pushback from one state, whose representative wanted assurances that Antigua and Barbuda’s planned financing arrangements would yield sufficient resources to operate the Landed Campus. That state, Barbados, has a campus at Cave Hill, and its representative expressed the view that it could not provide financing to Antigua if there were a shortfall in revenues. The Barbados meeting ended with certain assurances. Subsequently, the Attorney General reported that he received word that the Fourth Landed Campus is a fait accompli; he was assured that the approval will be communicated to the Government by way of a written communication that

will reach the country shortly.