The Country Records 237 New cases of Covid in the Space of Three Days

Covid infections jump to 237 in three days, according to reports from the Ministry of Health. The country also reported one new covid related death on Monday, the man was 70 years old. As of Tuesday the country’s official covid related death toll stood at 76.

The country’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rhonda Thomas said the covid-19 situation in Antigua & Barbuda has become very suspicious over the past few weeks. Dr. Thomas reported that since cases started to increase in July, the country has seen an alarming spike in cases and deaths.

She further mentioned that over 80% of the Covid related deaths in Antigua & Barbuda are among the unvaccinated.

“From preliminary investigations, confirm cases that we’ve had here in Antigua and Barbuda, significant number of them are between 70-80% and even higher have been unvaccinated. In terms of the deaths, each time we do have a death reported, I personally check our vaccination register to see whether or not persons would have been vaccinated, and according to our records persons who have died have not been fully vaccinated against covid-19.”