The Building Of Dormitories A Priority For the Five Islands Campus

The interim head of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Fourth Landed Campus at Five Islands, Dr. Griffith, was invited to Cabinet in order to ensure excellent coordination between government and UWI. The Interim Head explained that building dormitory rooms on campus is a priority, taking into consideration the drive which the Five Islands campus will undertake to attract O.E.C.S. students to the campus. There was an informal agreement to build 100 dormitory rooms for a start, and to encourage homeowners in the village of Five Islands to begin preparing to attract overseas students to extended homes. This business opportunity for households has manifested itself in all three states where the UWI has a landed campus, it was confirmed. An Infrastructure Working Group was established by the Cabinet, with the responsibility to further the coordination between government/Cabinet and the UWI. A science laboratory costing EC$60,000 was also approved by the Cabinet; and $700,000 dollars will be spent by the Embassy of China to upgrade further the I.T. system. A Trust Fund has also been created to support the UWI Fourth Landed Campus into which monies secured from wealthy contributors, by the government, can be placed for continuous upgrading. The Interim Head of the UWI remarked on how safe and secure he felt in Antigua, and believed that to be a selling point in marketing the campus.