The Barbuda Council Not in Favour Of A Public Truce With Regards to Hurricane Funds

The Prime Minister Has cautioned the BPM Council Members to desist from making—or encouraging others to make—statements that suggest relief funds are being stolen or misused. That claim is untruthful! Prime Minister Gaston Browne in a recent meeting with the BPM councoil said when their statements are broadcast abroad, the donors are disinclined to deliver the funds and they will frequently deliver funds to international organizations and to charitable institutions, both of which are in the business of attracting funds which are diminished by administrative costs. The BPM members would not agree to a public truce of words. The issue of the runway under construction was also discussed. The Prime Minister indicated that Barbuda has to have a larger runway if the new hotels are to work. Undermining the progress of the airport is contrary to good sense, the Prime Minister remarked; the environmental report on the airport was undertaken by the construction company and all the holes which existed under the surface were filled-in following the radar system utilized. However, the November 2017 Dr. Deborah Brosnan Report, made public by his administration, preceded the publication of the Hydrology and Geology Report of the contractors which identified the geological landscape. The contractors reported the faults and their treatment of the same; all have been addressed. Nevertheless, Dr. Brosnan was to be contracted so that there can be no doubt of the veracity of the new findings.   3. The Cabinet agreed that going forward, all leases to farmers will include a “surrender” clause. The object is to prevent farmers from denying other farmers the right to access government lands by holding on to lands that the leaseholders do not cultivate. All farmers are to make use of the lands which are allocated to them or allow other farmers to have the land for productive purposes.