The Antigua Department Of Marine Services Exploring New Markets

The ADOMS Board, accompanied by Captain Liestmann, the Representative of ADOMS in Germany, made a report on the state of the ADOMS (Antigua Department of Marine Services), focusing primarily on its annual revenues. The ADOMS is responsible for registering ships that choose to fly the Antigua and Barbuda flag, as permitted under the 1986 Merchant Shipping Act, and its various amendments. This source of non-tax revenues continues to be helpful to the Treasury of Antigua and Barbuda. During the ten years since 2008, when Lehman Brothers Holding collapsed, the demand for goods declined with a parallel decline for foreign flagships globally, the Cabinet was told. The impact, especially for the types of vessels and the German market which Antigua and Barbuda serviced, was adversely affected severely. Further, the European Union has provided incentives to ships bearing the flags of E.U. countries calling on E.U. ports; the competitive offerings have reduced some of the benefits which a foreign flag vessel enjoyed, the Cabinet was told. The Cabinet gave the ADOMS instructions to begin exploring other markets. The Representative in Germany has indicated that exploration of the viability of other markets, in other jurisdictions, has already begun. A number of fixes in Antigua were also proposed, in order to make the Antigua and Barbuda jurisdiction as efficient and as attractive as any flag in the world.